This is the first and most crucial step when approaching a new project.  What is the story or message?  What's the best way to tell it?  Who is the audience? We put the concept through a rigorous process which includes vetting it through all stages of production.    


Pre Production

The script is finalized and broken down to coordinate with the schedules of the cast, crew, locations, equipment and a whole host of things.  There's a lot of moving parts involved in planning for production.  Everything is carefully planned out and organized. 


Once a script is finalized the visual depiction of the script is storyboarded to get a closer picture of how the shots will be framed. The cinematographer or Director of Photography is responsible for visualizing the scenes. 


The camera is carefully chosen by the Cinematographer.  It's like a paint brush and the artist uses it to create a visual portrait.  There is a lot of buzz about certain cameras and brands but when it comes down to it, a talented DP will choose the right tools for the project.   


With enough planning and coordination we complete production on schedule.  Audio is just as important as Video, not to mention set design, wardrobe, make up, to name a few.  A "cinematic" look requires a lot, not to mention the performance. Everything that we do is there to aid in the performance of the actors and telling the story.


Post Production

It all comes together with the edit.  Editing is not about fx it's about the simplicity, timing, and continuity.  The software only matters for collaborators. The viewer only cares about what they're watching.    


Visual Edit and color

Once a visual edit is done, coloring is a creative step to also add to the story.  We work with the best collaborators to achieve this look.  


audio mixing, sound design, music composition

Audio is an important factor from day one and gets perfected and touched up during these final stages.  That includes dialogue, ambient sound, foley, and ADR.  

Music is critical in mood and pacing. It's carefully selected and placed in our projects.  We work with the best composers and musicians to get a score that immerses you in the film.  


Commercial Clients

The same work and dedication we provide to our film work is given to our corporate, commercial, and non profit clientele.  We guarantee that our productions will achieve the call to action desired through quality, brand recognition and messaging.  It's not how much content you have out there but creating content that your target audience wants to see and share while engaging them in your call to action.  One excellent quality video can do more than a hundred videos that don't achieve it's purpose.  We can also provide the necessary to tools for online exposure and marketing once your production is complete.  Contact us for a one on one consultation.