Vallam Kali

Vallam Kali is a feature documentry film shot entirely in the remote region of Kerala, India.  "Vallam Kali " translates to boat race.  The film is about an epic race with a rich and ancient history that dates back thousands of years.

Release: Summer of 2018



Here are a few trailers to some of our award nominated short films.



Lolas was nominated to over a dozen film festivals internationally including the Food and Farm festival in San Francisco.

The film sits down with Austin entrepreneur and philanthropist Lozina Stephens Bell of Nubian Queen Cajun Food as she tells an unbelievable story of how her restaurant got its name.    




Buzzed was nominated to a number of festivals including Austin Revolution Film Festival and Capital City Film Festival.  Tracey Ely won best actress for her performance in this film from Austin Revolution Film Festival.